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About the Airport


EIS 2010

Cheyenne Regional Airport recently completed an Economic Impact Study (EIS) to determine the Airport's economic benefits to the Cheyenne community. According to the study, Cheyenne Regional Airport and its many tenants contributed to a total of 1,476 jobs, $37 million in wages, and $162.9 million in dollars spent at businesses in the area.

According to the study over 45% of all annual airport operations are attributed to transient general aviation traffic, bringing in approximately $617,000 sales in Cheyenne. Non-resident travelers flying into Cheyenne were also surveyed. Travelers on avereage visited for 4 days and spent $65.18 per day, with an estimated contribution to over $2.3 million dollars in area business sales. These sales supported 31 local jobs and $766,000 in associated wages in the local area.

In 2009 the Airport spent $11.7 million in direct capital improvements, with secondary sales supporting 125 jobs with a total in wages of $4.9 million.

According to the study, in 2009 the Airport, passengers, and tenants contributed significantly to the region's economy. A total of $192.7 million in area business sales, 2,043 jobs, and $50 million in wages can be directly and secondarily attributed to the Cheyenne Regional Airport.

More in-depth details can be found in the 2010 EIS Study provided in the pdf document below.

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